Sim Hunt


Atooly Sim Hunt

TP here –

Hints –

Atooly # 1 – Quick! Get dry under the leaf umbrella
Atooly # 2 – Cute pumpkins
Atooly # 3 – Smell the candles
Atooly # 4 – Don’t jump! (Outside)

Matte – All items are hidden around her shop.

KyS ThiS

Hint #1   The View is so pretty from up here

Hint #2  I need a Doctor!!!

Hint #3  Have a Seat!!


Colors of Summer.


1. Atooly


Hint – How do you like gachas?

2. Elephante Poses

EP - Fully Alive

Hint – You picked me! We’re such a good couple

3. NiNight Creations


Hint – …look down under the table.

4. Dandelion Wine

Hunt Gift Pic

Not for sale.

Hint – after you subscribe. you will find a small box

5. Kaithleen’s

Hint – …and the last one is empty.

6. MV

Hint – It’s kinda Deadly.

7. ColorMe


Hint – Lucky me?, lucky you?

8. Vivid


Hint – During Summer you want to play tag at the Beach, Then yell out gotcha!

9. Skip.

10. Sugar & Cyanide

.S&C. Colours of Summer

Hint – Find the eye of Horus

11. Grumble

Grumble-Colors of Summer Gift

Hint – I would check the media wall to see what’s going on!


Hint – Don’t Mind me, I Will Not Peek!

13. Marshmallows

Atooly - Marshmallows

Hint – This boot are made for walking

14. There’s no place like hime

Hint – Don’t be Green I make houses

15. QE Designs

colors of summer ad

Hint – If you’re thirsty, grab a beer instead.

16. Caladesi Island Co.

Hint – Its time to get your sun on!

17. Adoness


Hint – Illuminate me.

18. Aux *JUST ADDED*


Hint – by any other name a rose

19 – 20. Skip.

21. Adorn.Mint

Hint- Up or down, or maybe behind?

22. ToXiC HiGh

ToXiC HiGh-- The Colors Of Summer

Hint – Gatcha!!! Toxic Barrel

23. xX the second star


Hint – Pay no attention…

24. MC Fashion

color-of-summer-hunt Gift

Hint – Mira is so sexy today

Fist Pump With The Best Hunt 3



1. Atooly


I’m looking down at you.

2. Elephante Poses

EP - Pump It

Ruby you sure know how to fist pump!

3. Sweet Leonard


just show me something new

4. Tea.s


Search low as you might but its heights that I like.

5. Vanity Poses


….and, salute!

6. Olive

Chirp Chirp

7. Noise

I’m a sucker for gum

8. Blah.Blah.Blah

I’m a sucker for gum

9. [Insatiable Fashions]

A little Amour is all you need!

10. Demise of Flight


A Little Birdy Told me….

11. Bugz

*Come back later, not for sale*

I just love Gacha’s!

12. Blink2wink

Blink2Wink - Fist Pump Hunt With The Best 3 - Leopard Bodysuit

What the… A real guidette would NOT hide behind the blinds!

13.Busty Boutique

Resting on a pillar for support

14. Caladesi Island Co

15. Sugar Rush

Cupcake Cuddles? I’m in!

16. Toxic High

ToXiC HiGh-- Fist Pump With the Best Hunt 3

I’m in the area that keeps our legs warn during the winter.

17. Ruth’s Creation

How does your garden grow?

18. Gotha

This Crow looks weird


*Wakka wakka wakka.. BLOOP BLOOP BLOOP!*

20.QE Designs

Kick back and cool your heels.

21.Kabuki Creations

You will love me after a day hard work

22.Shup Bish

Watch your step!


Sit Down , relax and read a magazine


maybe it’s somewhere in the back of the store?

25.Starry Heaven

The best things in life aren’t always free… sometimes they’re on sale!



Shine some light on this situation.

27.[: B!ASTA :]


Please use the in-store hint giver that can be found in front of the reception desk, near the entrance.


29.Gala Fashion Design

GFD - Bubble Mesh Top {AD}

My white Skull…

30. Grumble

Grumble-Fist Pump with the Best 3 Gift

Head to him and see if it’s new or not.

31. Anymore Store

Skip. TP here.

32.Pure Poison

Skip. TP here.



Watch your step!


Skip. TP here.


36.Hysteria Creations

Skip. TP here.

37.Julia Creations

Call the plumber.

38. []

Gig Poster Prints ad HUNT

Use the lamp to light your way.

39. Sassy!

It’s not far now . . .  just right up ahead!

40. There’s No Place Like Home

Oh! Look what I dropped!

41. Auxiliary

Oh deer

42. Nani Poses

*Come back later*


Blooming Into the Season. Hints and SLURLs


1. Atooly
Hint – Sit down and read something.

2. Nani Poses
Hint – Look high. Look low. Don’t forget to look below.

3. Her Majesty
Hint – Look up!

4.Elephante Poses
Hint – Flowers love to drink the water!

EP - This Is What It Feels Like
5. Toxic High
Hint – Toxic Barrel

6. Ro!Act Deisngs
Hint – I hide inside an Aquarium.

Hibiscus Texture Pic Frame
7. wound
Hint – Fifty shades of shut up.

spring hunt
8. [CIRCA’ Living
Hint – Where the irises grow …. by Venus’ pearly flow
9. In~Stance
Hint – You’ll find me among other gifts!

10. Demise of Flight
Hint – For views of spring, calm and still, find me at the windowsill.
11. MishMish
Hint – Ask the fish.

12. Before Sleep
Hint – DRESS me up.
13. Tia
Hint – Look for me where you can hear the birds sing.
14. Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Hint – Please click the Hint Giver Easel under the hunt sign

_Blooming_ Bench - Dreamscapes Art Gallery
15. Loordes of London
Hint – by the bargains
16. Exquisite Jewellery
Hint – watch your step
17. Wall Candy
Hint – Its too smelly to dumpster dive, so check the bags.
18. Eden
Hint – let the sunshine in, in the store
19. Shey
Hint – Please check FIONA Dress poster
Hint – Low and high you look, But I watch you as you walk below me and above me.
Hint – I love it when its time for the flowers to bloom
22. Noise
Hint – Enjoy the season and the sounds while sitting and taking it all in
23. G-series
Hint – Keep calm and buy shoes!
24. Ear Candy
Hint – in and up
25. Simple Magik
Hint – Not for sale. Skip.
26. Ruth’s Creations
Hint – I hope this cactus dont poke me
Hint – Why don`t we ask Angeleena about what you are looking for
28. Pure Poison
Hint – close to the heart

Torn Between Gifts.


1. Atooly
2. Elephante Poses
3. Nani Poses




5. Co*Motion

{Co-Motion} Torn Between

{Co_Motion} {Torn Between Gift#1}

6. Anymore Store


7. Bite&Claw

__B&C__  Victory! Ad - TBH Gift

8. Sweet Leonard


9. Coco Creations
10. PiCHi
11. Leri Miles Designs
12. Cute Poison


13. Tia

[Tia] Torn Between HUNT - Heart Photo Frame Poster

14. Half Deer


15. Inspired
16. Vanity Poses


17. Before Sleep
18. Loordes of London
19. Duh!


20. Mood Swings


21. Kayo Home
23. Ear Candy
24. Omen
25. Yulicie

Torn Between Hints.


1. Pack 4 looks like a good set.

2. Sometimes I want to dive, far beyond the naked eye, find me hidden just above where you shall dive.

3. Hurry! Look around me before I melt!

4. You Lost your head, So I will take its place. *sigh*

5.There’s TWO gifts at this store.

Hint One: Sometimes… I just want to seduce you with this gift.

Hint Two: Use your ears

6. welcome ❤

7.Not for sale. Skip.

Hint: Bite me!

8. Diamonds are a Girl’s best Friend

9. I’m a lonely hear, hanging out up in the corner.

10. do you like a Cherry or two?

11. Sandwhiched between Love and Nanette….intricate woodwork is the way to go.

12. Get Pierced!!

13. All is Fair in Love and War.

14. Warm and toasty by the fire.

15. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…..find some great books, thats where I am too!

16. Who’s the hot guy?

17. I wear my heart over my pants.

18. by the bargains

19. It’s pretty cold out today, I’m hanging out by the fire!

20. Do you here Sirens?

21. it’s in the fire

22. Sit down & SHUP! XD

23. Not for sale. Skip.

Hint: das boot!

24. Not out. Skip.

25. Sophie can help you find the heart.

Hunting For Winter Store list and Hints.


Hunt object = Snowman

1. Atooly

Hint: Snowmen like to swing too.

2. Sweet Leonard

Hint: baby ,lets take a ride

3. [Insatiable Fashions]

Hint: Look above for love!

4. //elephante poses//

Hint: “Little bird perched so high, winters here time to fly”

5. Picture Me Poses


6. Demise of Flight

Hint:  A little birdie told me he’d seen the snowman upstairs!

7. Grumble

Hint: Forget those winter blues, start gardening early!

8. Alouette

Hint: Keep Calm and Read a Book.

9. Love Zombie


Hint: Get into the ‘Scene’!

10. Half Deer

Hint: This snowman LOVES MUSIC!

11. Slouch Poses

Hint: I wear sunglasses at night

12. Death Row Designs

Hint: Look trough the window

13. Redrum

Hint: ‘Step by Step, oooh baby!’

14. Ginger’s Outdoor

Hint: Come in out of the cold but be careful going up the steps

15. K a s h i e

Hint: Oh looky! reindeers!!

16. ionic

Hint: Do not allow the eye to fool the mind

17. flaunt

Hint: Its fun to sleep in sometimes!

18. End of Daze

Hint: Hang some ornaments on the tree

19. before sleep furniture

Hint: My snowman likes to sit in the dirt.

20. Adore&Abhor


Gift One:You put the lime in the coconut

Gift Two: Once you’re done ‘mixing it all up’, have a seat an grab a good book!

21. Leri Miles Designs

Hint: Grab that old comfy flannel after coming in from snowman buliding!

22. Anymore Store

Hint: between the leaves

23. .::PiCHi::.

Hint: ?DEMO?

24. [Yulicie]

Hint: I’d better close the window, can get cold inside.

25. Vestigium


26. Cutz

Hint: staring at the window