Torn Between Hints.


1. Pack 4 looks like a good set.

2. Sometimes I want to dive, far beyond the naked eye, find me hidden just above where you shall dive.

3. Hurry! Look around me before I melt!

4. You Lost your head, So I will take its place. *sigh*

5.There’s TWO gifts at this store.

Hint One: Sometimes… I just want to seduce you with this gift.

Hint Two: Use your ears

6. welcome ❤

7.Not for sale. Skip.

Hint: Bite me!

8. Diamonds are a Girl’s best Friend

9. I’m a lonely hear, hanging out up in the corner.

10. do you like a Cherry or two?

11. Sandwhiched between Love and Nanette….intricate woodwork is the way to go.

12. Get Pierced!!

13. All is Fair in Love and War.

14. Warm and toasty by the fire.

15. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…..find some great books, thats where I am too!

16. Who’s the hot guy?

17. I wear my heart over my pants.

18. by the bargains

19. It’s pretty cold out today, I’m hanging out by the fire!

20. Do you here Sirens?

21. it’s in the fire

22. Sit down & SHUP! XD

23. Not for sale. Skip.

Hint: das boot!

24. Not out. Skip.

25. Sophie can help you find the heart.


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